Train Station Renovation release date

Restore the former glory of abandoned railway stations – the release date of Train Station Renovation has been announced!

The game will enter into Steam Early Access on April 30th. In Train Station Renovation you will be able to revive deserted railway stations and bring them back to glory. Early Access and feedback from the community will allow the developers, Live Motion Games, to further improve the game.
A game not only for train enthusiasts

In Train Station Renovation you will be responsible for remodeling deserted and destoyed stations. Your tasks will include cleaning the stations, repairing damaged objects, furnishing and decorating the interiors.

This title is aimed both at players that like to fully complete their games and at those that play casually, just to relax. That is why Train Station Renovation offers different difficulty levels and does not require you to complete all tasks in order to proceed to the next level.

Endless possibilities

The game offers 10 maps, on which you will be carrying out your work: starting from small, countryside stations and ending with huge city terminals. Every map will offer new solutions, which will give you valuable experience and which you will be able to use at other stages of the game. Additionally, you will have the possibility to develop your in-game mechanics upgrade by unlocking perks such as: advanced restoration techniques, additional tools or new skills.

Train Station Renovation is a sandbox game, which does not limit the player and does not impose a particular order of actions. It is all up to the player what the stations will look like after the improvements.

Creative management

The game is not only about renovating stations. You will need to plan your actions ahead, just to make sure you have enough funds for your endeavor. You will get additional money for new elements needed to repair the station, through waste segregation and for reaching the next stage of cleaning the station.

Check out the demo – Train Station Renovation: First Job on Steam

The demo called Train Station Renovation: First Job will be live in the middle of April. It will feature basic mechanics of the game and your first job – renovating a chosen railway station.

Key features of the game:

⚬ multiple difficulty levels – adjusted to player’s level of engagement

⚬ 10 stations – located in various landscapes

⚬ every train station has its unique atmosphere, associated with the place’s history

⚬ varied equipment – full of useful tools for every task

⚬ the possibility to renovate both the interior and exterior of each train

⚬ tools upgrading system

⚬ economy mechanic – funds management and finding new ways of earning money

⚬ sandbox mode – the game does not limit the player

⚬ title ready for future expansions

⚬ 10 languages in the game and the demo

More information can be found on Steam. The game is published by PlayWay.

Live Motion Games:

Indie game developers from Warsaw, Poland. Their work is focused primarily on creating simulators. As they say – they are creating games for people who want to escape reality and join the wonderful worlds built by their games

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