The role of journalists and reviewers in PR campaigns. How to capture media attention?

Gaming journalists, especially those working in newsrooms, are daily bombarded with dozens of press releases, interview proposals, article ideas, and event invitations. With such a huge wave of information, capturing their attention becomes more than challenging. However, it is important to remember that this is a crucial element of an effective PR campaign. So, how can we pique their interest and make them want to listen to us, ultimately ensuring that we reach the readers?

Professionalism in Relationships: A Key to Effective PR

Consistent communication, delivering valuable information, and providing unique and interesting content are crucial for maintaining a positive relationship. However, it is more than necessary to ensure that the offered topics are appealing to the audience for whom they are creating content. Therefore, it's worth taking a moment to verify this. If we align with someone's interests, we enhance our chances of success.

We will soon share insights on how to prepare a compelling press release. It's worth following our blog to learn more about these tips, as it also influences media interest. A professional approach to every aspect of PR activities should be a standard, ensuring journalists that they are cooperating with a reliable partner they can count on.

How to capture the attention of reviewers?

An essential element of PR activities during the pre-release period of a game is a review campaign. Due to the limited time reviewers have, it's challenging for them to take notice of all the new productions coming to PC and consoles every day. That's why personalization comes to our aid once again. The chances that a person specializing in RPGs will be interested in a shooter are low, so when offering collaboration, it's essential to pay attention to preferences. Another simple example – while running a campaign for the sequel to a game, check who played the first installment and whether they liked it. If the reviewer enjoyed playing it, they will undoubtedly be eager to try the continuation.

Also, it's essential to keep in mind the importance of respecting the reviewer's opinion, cultivating a perception of us as a dependable partner. One of the PR agency's goals is to generate interest in the product from journalists. Just be aware that there is always a possibility that the reception may not be positive. Being open to constructive criticism is valuable, especially if the reviewer provides insights regarding the product or service.

Similar principles apply to entire portals dedicated to video games. If we are running a campaign for a game exclusive to PC, let's avoid occupying the time of media focusing on productions intended for consoles. However, this kind of information can be used to our advantage. Knowing that a game is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch, it's worthwhile to seek out portals and creators who specialize in that platform. Mass-scale, broad actions are not always the best solution, and each project should be approached individually.

Relationships are built over the years

Attending or organizing industry events where media representatives are present can also be helpful. Face-to-face meetings, engaging conversations, and exchanging business cards during such events can prove valuable for future collaborations. Of course, it's worth striving for such interactions at every possible opportunity.

When observing a PR agency's work from the outside, the focus is often on the tip of its efforts. Experience, market and industry knowledge, and a network built over the years play an incredibly important role during campaigns. Thanks to this, information about products reaches the right places and people.

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