Dieselpunk Wars successful Kickstarter

Battles of machines are about to start! Dieselpunk Wars, a game from Image Power, with a successful Kickstarter campaign

Polish studio Image Power is happy to announce the completion and success of a fund-raising campaign on Kickstarter, which will enable them to complete their upcoming game, Dieselpunk Wars.

With the help of two hundred six supporters and exceeded threshold of 10,000 Canadian dollars (the project raised a total of 10,314 CA$), the Image Power’s new title will soon be finished!

Dieselpunk Wars is a creative game in which we make our own complex battle machines and set them out to fight.

Create great machines with over 270 unique elements

Dieselpunk Wars is a game about creating unusual vehicles that will later go to the battlefield. The fights will be intense, so players should not keep things simple – they will be able to create their own unique machines using as many as 270 different elements. However, not everything at once! The pool of available parts will be expanding as players progress on missions they are tasked with. Depending on the components used, vehicles will move differently; land, air or water are no obstacle for these machines. During combat, each machine will require an individual strategy – there are no two identical vehicles, so you never know what to expect from your opponent. The players’ designs alone limit their own creativity!

Play intense battles

Fights will take place under different conditions and their only common feature will be the open world. Both during the solo campaign and in battles with opponents, players will find themselves in different biomes with unusual conditions, which will have to be used to their advantage. Both modes – solo and pvp – offer challenges as well as the opportunity to find items needed to improve the machines. Clashes will also be a great occasion to learn about the capabilities of your vehicles. However, not only the machines themselves will be useful in battles. Thanks to realistic physics, during the fights players will be able to use the whole environment to their advantage, destroying buildings or ravaging entire cities, as each bullet has its own ballistics and penetration level.

Design without any limitations

The game does not end with battles. Additional modes are used not only to add variety to the gameplay, but also to test the capabilities of designed machines and create scenarios to facilitate future strategy planning. Creative mode will allow you to build a vehicle without any limitations, while battle mode will allow players to see which of the vehicles they created are best suited for battle.

Key features of the game:

⚬ vehicles built from various parts and materials that affect their capabilities on the battlefield

⚬ an open, explorable world, offering challenges and elements to find

⚬ realistic physics – of the environment, bullets and damage

⚬ several game modes – including battle mode and creative mode

⚬ single-player story campaign

⚬ vehicle development linked to the level of experience

⚬ elements unlocked with player’s progress

⚬ no microtransactions

The release of Dieselpunk Wars will be announced soon. The game is published by Image Power studio. More information about the game can be found on Steam.

About Image Power:

Image Power studio was created in 2019, as a result of a cooperation between: Paweł Graniak, the president of the management board, founder of the first Polish school of concept of art and digital painting, PlayWay S.A., Warsaw Stock Exchange listed company, and the current vice-president, co-founder and shareholder of the company – Marcin Zaleński, previously co-founder and shareholder of Movie Games S.A., also listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (New Connect).

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