Climbros Trailer

Reach the tops of pixel mountains! Climbros PC release date announced

Solo or in a team – Climbros, an arcade game with a neo retro feeling, will take players on a journey full of excitement, around unusual climbing walls and locations.
Not only mountain tops

Game developed by Toucan Studio will take players on a one of a kind journey to the most challenging and most extraordinary peaks. Skyscrapers, treetops in the middle of a wild jungle or maybe classic mountain scenery? These are only a few of the locations that await the fearless pixel mountain climbers.

Climbros have no limits when it comes to picking their next goal and they keep proving that reaching any top can be an amazing adventure. This 2D arcade game will allow you to play in two different modes – single or multiplayer and both will bring plenty of fun.

Solo or with your bros – join Climbros

During climbing, players will encounter many surprises – unusual locations or fights with bosses on the way to the top. Developers prepared many unique gameplay elements to diversify the experience. During playthrough, players will have to find their own way to reach the top effectively, using mechanics such as swinging or jumping.

In the co-op mode (up to 4 players) the game takes a different angle – players have to depend on each other. One mistake and the entire team loses their chance to get to the top. Trust and cooperation are the key to success and the role of each character is equally significant – the desired goal can be reached only through joint effort. Both when learning how to climb together and when reaching the peak, the experience will be thrilling.

Key features of the game:

⚬ diverse locations – asteroids, huge trees and skyscrapers

⚬ solo or in a team – depend on your own strategy or trust your friends and climb the top when playing together (up to 4 players)

⚬ boss fights on different stages of the game

⚬ retro feeling – soundtrack and graphic design inspired by classic games

⚬ different styles of climbing (effective or attractive) – it is up to the player what his journey will look like

Climbros will launch on Steam on March 10th 2020. Version for Nintendo Switch will follow-up shortly.

For more information please visit the official website of the studio and the Steam gamecard. Game is being published by Art Games Studio.

About Toucan Studio:

Team of independent developers from Gdańsk. As they describe themselves: they are designing and producing games. Creating new virtual world, full of magic, unexpected plot twists, amazing game mechanics and story.

About Art Games Studio:

Company operating on the video games market, specializes in production and distribution of games for PC and Nintendo Switch. Their portfolio includes: Earthworms, Escape Doodland, Bad Dream: Fever, Unlucky 7, When I Was Young (early access). Entered the Warsaw Stock Exchange (NewConnect) in May 2019.

More information available at:

better. gaming agency
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