Barn Finders on Kickstarter

It’s time to kick-start the hottest storage auctions! Duality Games – launches their Kickstarter campaign for Barn Finders

Duality Games announces the launch date of their Kickstarter campaign, which will allow to raise funds for their brand new title – Barn Finders.

Barn Finders, video game strongly influenced by a popular reality show, will take players to abandoned barns that conceal many more or less valuable objects. Game campaign takes place in a fictional country of Ammeryka. Players will take on a role of a trader and run a store, which assortment includes items found during auctions.

However, searching for abandoned barns is only the beginning. Players will need to sell the items they acquired at a profit, in order to stay in business and gain new customers. However, some places will only be accessible after accepting a blind offer and the competitors will be unforgiving. Every auction will be held in a unique location and some of them will astonish even the most professional auctioneers. Have you ever imagined an auction held in an old military base or MIKKO’s super-secret bases? Keep in mind that blind tenders are very risky – you can either get rich or stay with nothing…

Kickstarter campaign will launch on March 3rd and will last for 30 days. Funds raised during the campaign will allow the developers to finish the game – story mode and maps will be polished, also add a 3 Bid Wars events – special events consisting of crazy auctions, like those from popular TV shows.

Developers plan on adding new features to the game, depending on the amount they will raise during the campaign. All of the information, both about the basic and upgraded versions of the game, can be found on the official Barn Finders Kickstarter page.

Barn Finders are planned to launch on Steam during the first half of 2020. The game is being published by PlayWay.

Key features of the game:

⚬ different places – 12 locations where you will be able to search for new items for your shop
⚬ own business – you will run a family store, prepare all of the items for sale and gain new customers
⚬ MIKKO workshop – repair broken items before you sell them
⚬ upgrade system – expand and customize your store
⚬ engaging bids – a fancy mini-game

About Duality Games:

Duality Games is a game development studio based in Warsaw and established by industry veterans in 2017. Their goal since 2019 is to satisfy many groups of gamers by publishing a limited number of game projects in different generes each year.

About PlayWay:

Founded by Krzysztof Kostowski, PlayWay is the second biggest producer and publisher of games in Poland and one of the top in Europe. PlayWay was created in 2011 to build quality games for PC, consoles and mobile devices.. Since then it has produced and released worldwide over 70 games. They have sold over 15M copies on mobile devices and over 1M on desktops.

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